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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Johnson fights to draw against Pucek

Photos by Mike Blair,

TACOMA - For the second time in two weeks, Tammie Johnson stepped into the ring against an undefeated opponent. And for the second time in two weeks, the judges couldn't decide on a winner.

Tonight at Emerald Queen Casino, Tammie Johnson fought her heart out in a four-round battle against Sarah Pucek of British Columbia.

The fight was a slugfest for the duration.When the fourth round eneded the judges couldn't come up with a winner, with two of three calling it a 38-38 tie for a majority draw.

Johnson’s record now sits at 3-2-2 while Pucek falls to 3-0-1. There was immediate talk of a rematch in June.

The coverage:

From WBAN (story & photo by Mike Blair):

Pucek-Johnson Boxing Action

(APR 12) Last night the four round fight between Sarah Pucek, 133, and Tammie Johnson, 131, at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington was fought in a style more to the liking of Johnson, though she did not like the result. Johnson answered the opening bell showing the aggressive tendency she has in other fights. Pucek initially fought in a similar manner, standing in front of Johnson while trying to slip shots between Johnson’s arms. Then after thirty seconds of exchanging punches, Pucek stepped out, slid to her left and used her jab, trying to slow the frenetic pace. Johnson however, would not oblige, and the round ended the way it began, both women were in the middle of the ring slugging it out.

In the middle of the first round Johnson was able to score when she pinned Pucek on the ropes. Pucek turned the tables in the second, and backed Johnson in to the ropes. There was plenty of action in the opening rounds as Johnson swung from the outside in, most often her target was Pucek’s chin. Pucek’s weapon of choice in the first two rounds was the right hand. She was unable to make it land effectively in the first round, but in the second she landed some big shots inside, and they caught Johnson square.

In the third round both fighters appeared a bit slower, mostly due to the fast pace of the opening rounds. The round gave both of them a chance tofight a bit more defensively, a tactic rarely used prior to that. Johnson again was able to land shots when she backed Pucek to the ropes, but Pucek proved elusive, and slipped out of harm’s way keeping anything from landing solid.

The fourth round was a good round for both fighters. Johnson dropped her punches down to connect with Pucek’s body. Pucek used the round to land solid shots to Johnson’s chin. Like the third round, this one was close.

Before the fight results were announced, the Emerald Queen crowd rose to their feet to cheer the two women. After the standing ovation the crowd heard that one judge scored the fight 39-37 for Pucek, the other two scored the fight even at 38. The majority draw means Pucek remains unbeaten, while Johnson notched her second draw in the last two fights..


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