Saturday, March 8, 2008

TAZ drops Gallegos in second, battles for win

Photo by Team TAZ

Tammie Johnson scores a second round knockdown of Tonya Gallegos
Photos by Michael Blair,

(FERNDALE WA): Tammie “the Tasmanian Devil” Johnson defeated Tonya Gallegos in a unanimous decision Saturday night at the Silver Reef Casino. Both women battled for four rounds, with TAZ scoring a second round knockdown. The judges scored the fight 38-37, 39-36, 38-37 in favor of Johnson who improved to 3-0. Gallegos suffered her eighth loss against four victories.

Photos by Team TAZ


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- Photos and article by Mike Blair

The second fight of the night pitted a veteran, Tonya Gallegos, against a newcomer, Tammie Johnson in four rounds of junior welterweight action. The key word in that last sentence is action, as this fight was all action, though not all of it involved skill. Johnson is still a bit raw, and likes to stand toe to toe and brawl. It would have been hard to argue with the tactic through the first two rounds of the fight as that method was smothering and frustrating Gallegos. Near the end of the second round Johnson backed Gallegos in to the corner and threw punches in bunches. A number of them landed, and when one caught Gallegos on the head, she went down.

In between rounds, while sitting on the stool, Gallegos received a mini-lecture. She looked like she wanted to quit, but something her cornerman said turned a switch and Gallegos became a boxer. She stepped in to Johnson's wheelhouse and delivered a left, then a right, then she stepped to the side to repeat the procedure. Not everything landed cleanly, but Gallegos had weathered the knockdown and was trying to score one of her own. Gallegos continued to be the boxer in the fourth round while Johnson looked to charge in and smother her with punches. Again, for Johnson that worked. Though Gallegos could see openings up the middle, she could not adjust her position to throw the punches.

At the end of four two judges had the score 38-37, the third 39-36. Tammie Johnson would score her third win, a unanimous decision.


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