Monday, July 12, 2010

TAZ submits McGregor in MMA debut

photos by Team TAZ. Click to enlarge

It took only 2 minutes and 6 seconds for Tammie "Tasmanian Devil" Johnson to make her mark in the MMA. With a pro boxing record of 4-3-2, many thought TAZ would want to stay on her feet with boxing pioneer Margaret McGregor at the Rumble at the Ridge XI at the Snoqualmie Casino. They were wrong.

McGregor, who once beat a man in the boxing ring and sported a 6-1 pro boxing record, was also making her MMA debut. McGregor came out the aggressor, throwing a wild barage of punches. Johnson's defense prevented any real damage, as she regrouped and became the dominant fighter. An uppercut by TAZ a minute into the first caused McGregor to rethink her strategy.

A takedown try was thwarted by Johnson initially. A second take down attempt sealed McGregor's fate. Johnson quickly had McGregor's back and soon the choke was in. As Johnson arched her back, McGregor tapped ending the fight that saw non-stop action leaving the crowd wanting more. Johnson notched her first victory in one try in the octogan, via rear naked choke, using a ground game no one knew she had.

All that remained was the celebration as coach Ericson Acacio paraded TAZ around the cage in triumphant victory.

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