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Taz takes tough loss in wild split decision



Pucek-Johnson: Boxing Action at the Emerald Queen
Photo/story by
Mike Blair
November 8, 2009

(NOV 8) The semi main event at the Emerald Queen Casino last night pitting young unbeaten Sarah Pucek against tough traveling Tammie Johnson was fought as every woman’s bout should be fought. The action started at the opening bell, and neither woman backed down through the following five rounds.

The fight plan for Johnson was to attack Pucek’s body. Pucek’s plan was to stay on the outside and jab, aiming at Johnson’s head when it came in range. In the first round Pucek’s jab was efficient and her footwork kept her out of range of Johnson’s power. Johnson tried to work the body, but it was just out of reach.

In the second round Johnson closed the distance and looked to land those shots to Pucek’s body, and she found her target. Both woman stepped up the tempo in the round as they stood toe to toe and threw punches. That style did not suit Pucek as well as Johnson and at the end of the round, Pucek had felt the sting of Johnson’s body punches.

Pucek’s corner made a few adjustments between rounds, the primary one being to stay on the outside and use her footwork to keep Johnson from getting close. She did, so Johnson had a tougher time scoring inside while Pucek fired her jab targeting Johnson’s head.

The fourth round provided each fighter a chance to offer a clinic in style. Pucek moved about the ring, stepping in to fire a left, followed by a right to the body. Johnson waited patiently for Pucek to get close, then countered to the inside. The difference in the round was Pucek’s quickness.

Johnson went back to the body in earnest in the final round. She pursued Pucek around the ring, and when she could pin her on the ropes, she was able to land. However, Pucek again showed her quickness and agility and slipped out of trouble.

At the end of five rounds one judge scored the bout a shut out for Pucek at 50-45, the second judge scored the bout 49-46 in favor of Pucek, and the third scored it 49-46 in favor of Johnson; a split decision win for Pucek. Pucek remains unbeaten, pushing her record to 4-0-1, while Johnson stands at 4-3-2.

This fight establishes a couple of points. First, Sarah Pucek is a good woman boxer, and legitimately has the right to face tough opposition. Second, Tammie Johnson, having proven here and against Rita Figueroa that she is tough, should be getting calls to fight.


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